Testing the Vita Portable Charger

20140427_vita_chargerI’ll be out of town tomorrow with a lot of time to kill, so it will be a great opportunity to test out the Vita Portable Charger while I continue playing through Persona 4 Golden. It claims to provide 4-7 additional hours of gaming time, so in theory, it should be more than enough to get me through my adventures in Inaba and the TV World.

My first impression is that it’s a very nice, compact, and well-built device. The multicolored power indicator tells you everything you need to know about its charge level, although it does require the AC charger and USB cable included with the Vita. It doesn’t come with anything else besides the charger itself and instructions, so picking up an additional Vita USB cable for this is recommended.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and I’ll report back later on how this performs.

4/28/14 Update: The Vita lasted all day! I played for about 4 or 5 hours throughout the day, and it still has about a quarter battery left, so I didn’t need the charger after all. I’m not going to charge the system tonight, and will see how it fares running on the portable charger tomorrow.

4/29/14 Update: I used the charger last night while I was playing P4G, and by the time I was done, the battery was fully charged and the charger light was red. I’m going to get the Vita’s battery down to about the same 25% level as it was yesterday, and see how much juice is left in the charger. So far, I’m pretty impressed with how quickly this charged the system, even while playing.

4/30/14 Update: Another day, another fully charged battery. I haven’t had to plug the portable charger or the Vita into an AC outlet for 2+ days now, and that’s with a good amount of play time throughout the day. Even though the indicator light was red yesterday, it still fully charged my Vita from 50%. This is turning out to be a very handy and surprisingly powerful little device.